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Or it could be that the universe is itself pulsing with a kind of life, and capable of bursting into something that looks to us momentarily like the flame.

Father Bede Griffith: On Religion in Conflict with Mysticism

I appreciate the spirit if you will of this argument, but I am very doubtful as to its application. Especially since, by definition, the truly exotic is not likely to repeat itself for the convenience of a laboratory technician.

5 Incredible Sightings & Encounters with Supposed Mythical Creatures

But a wide range of numinous experiences come upon people unbidden which is why atheists as well as believers have them , seem to lack any consistent connection to internal or external stimulii, and take place either seemingly randomly or in extreme states and situations death, birth, trauma, crisis, ecstasy that are not, to put it mildly, easily predictable in advance. Which is not to say that science is helpless in the face of all supernatural claims and possibilities.

The Introverted Vs. The Extroverted Mystical Experience!

Mysticism may be monistic , dualistic , nondualistic , or ontologically pluralistic. Differing religious, social and psychological traditions have described this fundamental mystical experience in many different ways. The words "mystical" and "mysticism", though commonly used by mystics to affirm extraordinary insights beyond all expression, and thus impossible to communicate to others, have also sometimes been used in a presumptive sense which insists that others must believe and accept what aspects of the experiences can be communicated, or in an entirely pejorative sense, strongly related to rejection of such authoritarian claims.

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Wikipedia has an article about: Mysticism. Lilia Cuervo also wrote one of the entries. You may read the pamphlet here.

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Their tree of contemplative practices illustrates a wide range on practices to foster contemplative mind. The Council on Spiritual Practices CSP supports research related to the use of entheogens and is dedicated to making direct experience of the sacred more available to more people. Regardless of your perspective on entheogens, this site has valuable resources and discussion drawn from spiritual guides, experts in the behavioral and biomedical sciences, and scholars of religion related to spirituality.

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We hold grateful living as an engaged mindfulness practice, grounded in both wisdom and science, which supports our ability to see the wonder and opportunity in every moment, and motivates us to act boldly with love, generosity, and respect towards one another, ourselves, and the Earth.