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With leadership from Commissioner R. Harris facility that provides free or low-cost County Precinct 4 programs serve educational programming, unique flo- people of all ages regardless of socioral displays, as well as family friendly economic level, race, sex, religion, amenities including five miles of national origin, or physical ability.

Between the print and digital eras of the Public News, we continued to interview and review all the cool and unusual places, people and things hoping that the print issues would be resolved and the Public News could carry on. Since the decision to go digital, we still had a stockpile of interviews to publish. The first four digital issues did just that.

Originally a hotel and restaurant management major, Martin set out to find a career that blended his interest in the food industry with his love of the outdoors. Midway through his senior year, Martin started Old School Produce, an Oak Forest-based agriculture business that provides restaurants with fast-maturing microgreens, along with hard-to-find herbs and produce, such as Chaya and sunflower sprouts.

Today, the business has earned a niche in the Houston food industry. His duties include managing hundreds of different seedlings and cuttings, propagating rare and endangered plants and working in the herbarium and seed bank. I started out cutting four or five trays a week and now we do ONLY providers. Anna Pinion The problem is that I have been sleeping with a black friend of mine who eventually got me pregnant. My future exhusband may use this as a way to get my two children that we had together.

Does all this make me out to be a horrible person or what? Additional programs are slated to for the fall semester. LSC-Creekside Center will serve an important role in the surrounding area by providing greater learning opportunities and. Spring semester classes begin January Please call for more information. To add to the fun, attendees will have the chance to win prizes by guessing the correct number of candy canes in the candy jar and showing off their skills during a gift wrapping contest. As a memento of this special luncheon, each participant will receive a Jingle Bell necklace. The deadline to purchase tickets is Friday, Dec.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the college has received a choice award, and the production will now be considered for advancement to the regional festival in San Angelo in February. It also provides the students the opportunity to tour a show, which is a great experience for them. Dear Not The Slut Let me understand this You are married going though a divorce that has not been finalized.

You started sleeping with a friend and he got you pregnant. Ultrasounds are great at determining what sex the baby is, like you already know. But skin color is going to be the surprise on the delivery table. It appears that have made plans for each race your baby may end up being. Does all this racist crap and cheating on your marriage make you out to be a horrible person? Dear Anna, I am troubled by the advice you shell out.

Some of it is mean spirited. Some of it is snobbish. Other times it is just stupid. I think you just like to make people feel bad. Troubled in Tomball Dear Captain Obvious Which one of us is getting paid for shelling out this so-called bad advice. I think I win. There is a manifold truth in business that the first year in any new venture is always the hardest.

Also the amount of effort needed to go from idea to product or from zero to one is greater than one to any other number. For the Public News zero to nine took 12 months. It only took another 3 months to duplicate the effort. The Public News was gaining notice. Carrie discounts that old saying that watercolor is the hardest media and unforgiving, believing instead that when you understand the paints and what they do on paper, you will find it fun, rewarding and very forgiving.

Contact Carrie directly at: carrieallbritton gmail. Let the wacky antics of two famous detectives, never seen together before anywhere, amuse you as they solve the crime. Who did it? Reservations are required. For more information call or visit them on the web at www. Players Theatre W.

Home Power Magazine, December 2008-January 2009

Alabama St. Houston, TX A. Players presents A Christmas of Many Parts. This hilarious one-act play has grown to full length by popular demand. Four struggling actors find themselves cast in Nativity! Through the ensuing chaos, everyone learns the real meaning of Christmas. With its timeless scenes, quirky innocence and nostalgic warmth, this musical trip down memory lane will leave the whole family bright-eyed and buoyant.

The students will learn the tools and materials of oil painting. New students will be painting a new painting at the first session. You will copy master paintings as a pathway to creating your own style of painting. You will learn Ed will show you how to work your camera and take better photographs.

Contact Ed Gorman: edgorman gmail. For more information contact: Darby Kachmar darbykachmar me. Painting with Pastels This is an ongoing weekly course, beginning February 5, Painting in pastels is quick, easy, colorful, beautiful, very portable - and FUN! Handled correctly, pastels will last many lifetimes and their pure colors never fade, crack, or peel. No stress and no pressure here to paint a masterpiece. Each student is encouraged to learn at their own pace. You are welcomed to do a class-based painting from reference photos provided by the instructor, or bring in your own reference materials to use.

We may also paint from life, or go outdoors to paint as the weather permits. During this ongoing course, you will: -Improve your drawing skills, including proportions and perspective. This class is all about having fun and discovering the artist in you. Your supply list has options to fit a budget, and everyone is welcomed to register and join us any time. Please contact the instructor, Kathy Fediw, at Kathy jfaconsultingbiz.

He also teaches additional classes which are offered at various times throughout the year, including Digital Photography and Smartphone Tips. Please call for the dates and times of the classes and to register. Each class meets for a single 2-hour session. As class size is limited to 12 people, pre-registration is required for each class.

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Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration opens 30 days prior to the class. My conclusion was, generally speaking, to refuse a breath test if under investigation for DWI. For starters, the breath test machine currently used in Texas is extremely outdated. Texas law enforcement has used the Intoxilyzer machine for decades. The company that makes the machine has since introduced two newer models, the Intoxilyzer and Most other states have switched over to the new machines, yet Texas continues to use outdated technology. This test result is often the most important piece of evidence the prosecutor will present in a DWI trial.

However, the result is really just an estimate. Just imagine if someone were to blow a 0. While this result is technically over the legal limit of 0. While this range of error might be good enough for. This is is the unforgettable story of two people caught why Texas law requires that the person certibetween decision and desire, as a chance enfied to operate and administer the breath test counter becomes a second chance at so much on the subject wait and observe the subject for more.

Robert Brown. Once a subject provides a breath sam- sponsored by CHI St. For ple, the sample is destroyed. There is small, all shows, air transportation is provided by inexpensive device that could be attached to United Airlines, the official airline of TUTS. Season support is funded in part law enforcement in Texas refuses to use it.

Esby grants from the City of Houston through sentially, law enforcement is asking us to just the Theater District Association, the National take their word that the breath test machine is Endowment for the Arts, and the Texas Comaccurate. Until Texas catches up with modern technology, breath tests should continue to be avoided Opera in the Heights presents ConciertOh! You can always reach out December , 7pm to me with questions or comments at matt Opera In The Heights mattdelucalaw. Zarzuela is a Spanish lyric dramatic opera genre alternating between spoken and sung scenes, and bolero is slow tempo Latin music.

The music appeals to all ages and makes a perfect family outing in the midst of the holiday season. We have certainly become a local collective of journalists working to promote the unknown and expose the uncool. Our story continues in Public News Call for more information. The day festival will become the largest holiday light festival in Houston, and the largest lantern festival of its kind to ever take place in the U. Magical Winter Lights differentiates itself from other more traditional holiday lighting events by basing its designs from Chinese lanterns and transforming them into largerthan-life remakes of well-known landmarks and landscapes in the world.

The festival will. The America section will also display lantern sets that Houstonians and Texans can easily relate to, including their hometown sports teams, Western stockyards and the Houston skylines. Magical Winter Lights is open every day through January 10, , including all holidays. For more information phone For more information call Please visit the website www.

Our beginning classes are scheduled on Mondays, pm; Fridays pm; Our intermediate ESL classes are on Wednesdays, pm and Thursdays, pm; Our conversational English class is on Tuesdays pm; Our advanced English class is on Tuesdays pm. Call the library at for more information about the ESL classes.

Both men and women are welcome. Bring your own yoga mat and a beach towel. The class is intermediate level and so some knowledge of French is required. No registration is necessary. The class will meet in. Includes a distillery tour and tasting of our products. Make your reservation online at BigThicketDistilling. They are located at Simonton, Conroe Their gallery exhibit includes paintings, prints, sculptures, pottery, jewelry and much, much more.

If you are wondering what to do for fun this summer, contact Kerry Conkling at kerryart gmail.

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Your free tour includes refreshments coffee, afternoon tea or happy hour and an artist demonstration. This would be great fun for couples or for a group of friends. Saturdays starting at around 2pm. The tour includes one free beer and there is no reservation or sign up required. Oh My Darling! Hot Dogs will be there to serve up some of the best artisan hot dogs around! Children are allowed at the brewery provided they are with a legal guardian. Unruly children will be asked to leave Due to health code, Dogs are not allowed inside the actual tasting room, but are allowed outside Absolutely no outside alcohol is permitted on brewery property Southern Star Tasting Room Hours Fridays 5pm - 9pm Saturdays noon - 6pm For more information on the tours or anything else regarding Southern Star Brewing call or visit them on the web at www.

Who will reign victorious on the fields of battle? For more experienced players, and competitive players. Battle characters from multiple series, from Lord of the Rings to the Justice League! Players compete using one of two decks they construct, either the Corporation or the Runner. Use ships from the Star Wars universe as you construct your custom squadrons, and fight for either the Empire or the Rebel Alliance!

Learn to play, trade cards, have fun with friends and make new friends. Earn free League only Pokemon foil cards by playing 7 games DS or card. On any given week we continued on page Dissenting views are now being suppressed violently in America at our colleges. But this was an area where certain types of public Sadly, this is not the case.

Instead racially motivated protests and posters were confined. I was unaware these had become common nationwide. Colleges could intimidation actions in Dartmouth, Ithaca, and even Princeton have only grown. It was an admission of a coarsening culture their movement. After 35 years in public education, I think Ms. When the football team threatened. Little did I know that this was but the rumbling of a nationwide avalanche of college uprisings.

First, you must understand that the state has been slashing SUNY funding for decades. I receive mailers and phone calls almost monthly begging me to send them more money. When a public college spends money on such things, it is hard to feel compelled to give them more. Videos of Yale students verbally assaulting and threatening a professor who wrote an editorial questioning the value of such costume sensitivity advisors being hired showed this must be confronted.

About 2 weeks ago I learned this was occurring across the nation and that a student protest lead by the son of a multimillionaire railroad executive at U Missouri was on a hunger strike because the college was no longer providing full health care for graduate students as required by the ACA. This specific student had allegedly been racially harassed and denied educational.

Bolt Action, Flames of War, and Saga players rejoice! We have tables as well as beautiful terrain for players to use. As one of the most fun and casual formats for Magic, Commander night is a blast! Players Construct a card deck with no duplicates allowed, and play in a multi-man game leading to some crazy shenanigans. See you on the battlefield! Control amazing machines called Jacks or harness the wild power.

Free event each week. Players then construct a 40 card deck from the contents of their draft to compete with, battling for prizes and glory! Players bring a 60 card Standard legal deck to compete in a massive tournament! A fun night for players of all ages and experience levels, Friday Night Magic is your premier Magic event. Fun event for players of all experience levels.

A great night for players of all experience levels, new players can feel free to stop by and learn! We are an official HeroClix tournament site , so come and enjoy the fun. We have added a full line of Hero Clix items. If you have ever played the dace game Quarriors, this will seem familiar to you, as it is created by the same company. Join us! Board Game Night. Meet up with friends or make new ones while you are here!

Please only bring all ages appropriate games.

Founders - Curmudgeon's Better Half (2018)

Monopoly anyone? We want everybody to be able to participate. Players bring a Modern legal deck comprised of 60 cards, and compete for prizes and glory! Players may use any Magic the Gathering card printed after 8th edition, with a few specific exceptions. Free 2B is open to the public for individuals and couples 18 and older and is free to attend.

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For an information packet, email Scott at free2b consolidated. Some day, dear heart, your paths may cross but not today. Perhaps as a Duke or Duchess or some other important person? Why do those who claim past lives never come clean about being the dung master, or the janitor, or the kings taster?

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Certainly takes the fun out of being able to snow someone important in real life with your pretend former life. And one of those are prime to pay you a visit at work. Those fake glasses, teeth and moustache are going to be your go-to disguise, unless your female. Then your MO is to run.

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And for a while he was successful. He exercised and ate well, a lot of it at Subway. Be more like Richard Simmons. However you need to not share your love for the avant-guard country that no one ever bought when it was new, nor streams that crap anywhere. You would do well to embrace the tried and true like the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin and possibly Enya. First, you are about to embark on a group adventure that you were never really invited to go. The bad news is that the retreat is for the weekend an no one knew that you got locked in the truck of your bosses car. Some of which are experiencing life on the outside for the first time in a while.

If they ask you to drive them to the bank, you would be wise to admit that you never got your drivers license. If your new friends press you on the matter, start babbling incoherently, slobber a lot and then start running away waving your hands in the air. That was until you saw that your replacement was a robot that does not require Medicare, Food Stamps, or time off. No one has the same agenda as yours, but are willing to put up with your BS as much as you put up with theirs.

At the end of the week, you will have discovered your soul mate. And it will be in the form of a Google app. Be advised, these are for entertainment purposes only. If I were to jump of the roof of Dosey Doe flapping my arms in the are, would you do the same? Then stop taking these things literal. Do your best to look good while dodging this request. Remember, not everyone should be more important that yourself. Love and pamper yourself often. Now, get the image of diapers out of your mind. The one you went to college to prepare for as a career.

Liberal Arts is technically a degree and not a career, but with a little stretching of the truth, you just might impress her to join in with her campaign. If so, be thankful — Ford deliberately turned a really REALLY dismal supposed dramatic novel into a supposed comedy — probably making one of the worst movies out of one of the worst novels of all time in MY opinion!

But, happily for all of us, this article IS about the song, not the movie. However, with the success of this song by other artists, it did help establish him as a Nashville song writer. The Nashville Teens were an recognizable copy of. Burden often sang extended 11 to minute versions in concert, and included the short version on several albums. He also recorded it singly on several albums, establishing is as a blues classic as well as rock. See my earlier article about The Blues Magoos.

I still have my original vinyl LP, and keep hoping someone will rerelease the album as a CD. Diamond David Lee Roth also recorded a rather forgettable version of the song in his debut solo album. Hank Williams, Jr. Sometimes less is more. The track album is better. As much flack as Jeff Lynne receives over his production duties for other artists, it sounds most at home as ELO. This makes sense considering Jeff Lynne produced both. The album sounds nothing like classic Bryan Adams, instead the album sounds like Adams trying out for a new edition of the Traveling Wilburys.

Granted producer Lynne was the lesser known member of the quintet, but what saves this album is in the song writing. Band and the Hightailers Fri.

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Music starts at 10pm Thur. Serpent Sun, Tue. Killer Hearts Thur. Dec 3 The Hates Fri. Dec 4 K-Rino Sat. Dec 5 Manhole Thurs. Dec 10!!! Chk Chk Chk Fri. Dec 11 The Warplanes Sat. Dec 12 Deicide Sat. Dec 25 30Footfall Sat. Jan 26 Venom Inc. Red Brick Tavern Simonton, Conroe www. Nov 27 8pm Wade Tanner Sat. The Corner Pub N.

Main St. Fraiser Conroe www. Nov 27 pm Cadillac Blues Band Sat. Bernhardt Winery County Road , Plantersville www. Mindi Abair and Rick Braun Sun. Jane Monheit Thur. Houston The Concert Pub North. Dec 31 Tin Caddilac. Dec 2 Paul Thorn Fri. Dec 4- Brandon Rhyder Thurs. We had originally wanted to get this list together by the end of the summer. Sending the second set of ballots and using the same group of voters got a bit messy.

Here is how the voters and voting took place. We went through our list of subscribers and picked out 1, randomly and asked if they would be interested in being a part of the process. About responded favorably. After assuring confidentiality, the ballots for Food and Drink were sent. Chris Randall, new to the Public News, was put in charge of this endeavor. So while. Publisher Ken Petty took charge of the second set of ballots. After all ballots came in, some incomplete and most with notations, tabulations began.

At that point, we drew a deadline and said that this was it. No more ballots will be accepted, and the tabulation of the second set began. Republic Grille BBQ-Godfather Casa Medina Namaste Taco Crave La Casita Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant Yucatan Taco Stand Sunnyside Of the Street Incanto Italian Cafe Mi Rancho Mi Cucina Cafe Rakuu Restaurant Hubble and Hudson Kitchen Hunan Jade. Donut-licous Black Walnut Cafe Huti 5 Free-Fire Grill Olive Oil The book was never completed. Backwoods Home has been called [ by whom? At the time of Backwoods Home's founding, Mother Earth had become a more "slick" publication.

However, Duffy says he had never heard of Mother Earth News at that time, and that among his chief inspirations were scientific publications from the Middle Ages. Duffy has said, "Although the emphasis has always been on self-reliance, I rode the environmental wagon a bit back then to try and attract subscribers, but quickly gave it up and followed my Libertarian leanings.

My model was a type of scientific journal from the Middle Ages I decided to mix self-reliant articles with freedom articles. It was what interested me. It was both interesting to me - and I felt was important to everyone - to both understand how to do things for yourself and to understand how freedom worked.

John Silveira, my friend since age 20, was an important element of this mix, as he had the intellect and research ability to write the critical freedom articles. The backbone of BHM has always been, and is today, the how-to article. The magazine has for many years had a consistent circulation of 41,, of which approximately 36, is subscription and 5, newsstand sales.

The economic troubles of late and led to a substantial increase in visits to its website. The print version of the magazine was discontinued in and was only available on Amazon Kindle. The ad has been copied repeatedly, and inspired an internet meme as well as the film Safety Not Guaranteed. Backwoods Home Magazine. Get Backwoods Home Magazine essential facts below. View Videos or join the Backwoods Home Magazine discussion.

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Close Window. Music Topics. Popular Music Brands. Acoustic Guitars. Bass Guitars. Electric Guitars. Electronic Drums. MIDI Controllers. Music Theory Books. Studio Chairs. Anaheim, California. Albuquerque, New Mexico. Anchorage, Alaska. Atlanta, Georgia. Arlington, Texas. Aurora, Colorado. Austin, Texas. Bakersfield, California. Baltimore, Maryland. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Billings, Montana. Birmingham, Alabama. Boise, Idaho. Boston, Massachusetts.

Charlotte, North Carolina. Chicago, Illinois. Cincinnati, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio. Columbia, South Carolina. Corpus Christi, Texas. Colorado Springs, Colorado. Columbus, Ohio. Dallas, Texas. Des Moines, Iowa. Denver, Colorado. Detroit, Michigan. Durham, North Carolina. El Paso, Texas. Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Fort Worth, Texas. Fresno, California. Honolulu, Hawaii. Indianapolis, Indiana. Irvine, California. Jacksonville, Florida. Jersey City, New Jersey. Kansas City, Missouri. Lansing, Michigan. Las Vegas, Nevada. Lexington, Kentucky. Los Angeles,California.

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Lincoln, Nebraska. Little Rock, Arkansas. Long Beach, California. Louisville, Kentucky.