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There are interesting illustrations. In fact the chief value of the book is that it can be used as a trustworthy contemporary history. It has the defects that the account of an eye-witness must have, even when he has been able to get the perspective of a few years and to hear the other side. But it has the advantage of being written by a writer trained to see clearly. The most welcome feature of the book is the comprehensive treatment of important events. Yet scarcely less valuable are the comments on existing conditions. Rarely does one find a book at once so useful to the specialist and so interesting to the tyro.

This is the first comprehensive history in English of the last half-century of the South American states—since they attained independence from Spanish control. Alcott, Louisa M. Jack and Jill. Under the lilacs. George R. Pansy, pseud. David could ill spare the money. He had to wait another year before he could get married. And he was particularly sorry to part with the watch His restlessness and fickleness were his ruin David and the old watch both figured conspicuously in his later misadventures Two threads of self-sacrifice run through the tale to meet at last, making ideal happiness for the group, from which all the unpleasant folk have been eliminated by chances which the unregenerate reader will call blessed.

It is a good book for old and young alike. Guide to The ring of the Nibelung. Part I. Aldrich was distinguished. But it is well worth reading in a quiet hour, because of its simplicity, its chasteness and its serenity. Alexander, Lucia. Francis Alexander. A collection of a hundred and twenty-four miracle stories and sacred legends written by fathers of the church and published in Italy during the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The four divisions are: I. Selections from the lives of the holy fathers together with the spiritual field; II.

Flowers of sanctity, Venice, Alexander, Thomas, and Thomson, A. Graphic statics; a graduated series of problems and practical examples, with numerous diagrams, all drawn to scale. Then follows a set of seventeen examples showing application to roof trusses, girders, wall, and masonry arches Alexander, William. Life insurance company. It is a simple, straightforward exposition of the principles on which all sound insurance is conducted, including a fair and impartial statement of those facts in the history and present management of the great American companies which every prospective policy-holder should know.

It is not altogether solemn either. It has its humors, both intentional and unintentional. Algue, Jose.

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Cyclones of the Far East. Bureau of public printing, Manila, P. Allaben, Frank. Concerning genealogies. Grafton press. Suggestions of value for all who are interested in tracing their family history. As stated in the preface, the book aims to cover every phase of the subject, the sources of information, the methods of research, the compiling, the printing, and the publishing of a genealogy.

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Allbutt, Thomas Clifford. Historical relations of medicine and surgery to the end of the 16th century: an address delivered at the St. Louis congress, Allen, Charles Dexter. American bookplates. A new and less expensive edition of a work which appeared ten years ago. It is hoped that its reappearance will revive and increase interest in book-plate collecting, which fashion has waned perceptibly. The book contains the bibliography of Eben Newell Hewins, and the rare and interesting book-plate, with few omissions, that appeared in the first edition.

Allen, Frank Waller. Back to Arcady. Turner, H. Here under the jacqueminots he guards with a fatherly eye the love-making of this fair Marcia and his neighbor Louis. The very summer sunshine and rose garden perfume pervade the story thruout. Our navy and the Barbary corsairs. An account of this interesting period of American history written from original sources. The events which are scattered over a period of forty years are brought together and tell the story of how the United States, in the first years of her national existence, rebelled at paying the tribute which all Europe paid to the Mohammedan states of north Africa.

The story of the success of our little navy, the wars with Tripoli and Algiers, the deeds of Preble and Decatur, and the adventures of our seamen with the famous pirates is all the more romantic because it is true. It is popular by reason of the dramatic quality of the information that it contains. Its interest lies in the intrinsic interest of its facts.

The narrative is plain, simple and straightforward. Allen has made his work thorough and authoritative, but betrays a needless distrust of his own descriptive powers, leaving the more dramatic events to be described almost entirely in the words of eye-witnesses. It is safe to say that, for the history of the movement as a whole, Dr. Allen is not likely to have a successor. The work is well written and well balanced throughout. Alston, Leonard. Modern constitutions in outline: an introductory study in political science.

Alston, who is Deputy professor of history in Elphinstone college at Bombay, has written a brief but lucid sketch of the constitutions of the chief political communities of the modern world. His little book was planned to meet the needs of university students; but it will have a wider field Alston has done a useful piece of work, which, in its brevity and clearness, is a model of the expository functions of a professor.

Altsheler, Joseph A. The candidate. In this political novel the hero, who is a presidential candidate, is accompanied by his niece on a speech-making tour through the West. A newspaper correspondent, also in attendance, loves the girl, and is largely responsible for the triumph of the candidate. The path of love is not smooth, however, for the girl is the betrothed of a distinguished politician, whose enmity her uncle has no wish to incur. The various elements of plot somehow lack the cohesion necessary to weld them into a convincing whole.

Guthrie of the Times: a story of success. Joseph A. The scene of the novel is a state unnamed, but easily identifiable as Kentucky; the hero is a newspaper writer of resource and high ideals; the heroine is a young woman who has to become re-Americanized after a life spent mainly abroad. How the hero defeats the attempt to impeach a public officer in the interests of a corrupt financial enterprise, how the heroine witnessing, admires, and how in the end he wins both her love and an unexpected nomination for congress, are the chief matters which enlist our interest.

It is to be enjoyed or laid aside, according to taste and temperament. It is very American. The fresh sane optimism of the book is very appealing. Ames, Joseph Sweetman. Text-book of general physics, for high schools and colleges. This excellent plan has, however, at times fallen into the natural mistake of making the popular introduction so full as to result in an unnecessary and rather confusing repetition of matter, often leaving the reader uncertain as to whether he has read all on a given topic or not.

Le Conte Stevens. Orchidaceae: illustrations and studies of the family orchidaceae, issuing from the Ames botanical laboratory, North Easton, Mass. Ames, V.

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Matrimonial primer; with a pictorial matrimonial mathematics and decorations by Gordon Ross. Paul Elder. Humorous, epigrammatic bits of advice for husband and wife are found in this little volume. Its friendly shafts frequently strike home, and one may both laugh and profit by them.

Amsden, Dora. Impressions of Ukiyo-ye, the school of Japanese colour-print artists. The whole is printed on Japanese paper, and an appendix shows facsimiles of the most famous signatures of color-print artists, presented in this volume for the benefit of collectors. Ugly duckling. Squire, four colored plates and some pen-drawings. Anderson, Edward L. Riding and driving. Edward L. Anderson by means of print and photography, and in the latter half of the same volume Mr. Price Collier not only tells how to drive single, double and four, but also gives a large amount of practical information on the care of horses in sickness and in health, shoeing, harnessing, feeding and stabling.

Anderson, Frank Maloy. Constitutions and other select documents, illustrative of the history of France, Wilson, H. Andrews, Rev. Samuel James. Angell, James Rowland. Psychology: an introductory study of the structure and function of human consciousness. Professor Angell sets forth first of all in an elementary way the generally accepted facts and principles bearing upon the functional and genetic rather than the structural phases of psychology.

The third division takes up the elementary features of volition, and follows this general introduction with a treatment of the relation of volition to interest, effort and desire, character and the will, and finally the self. Its great merit can be stated in a word. It is a treatise sufficiently elementary to be used as a textbook for an introductory class, which succeeds in co-ordinating the outcome of the analysis of the content of consciousness with the functional interpretation of those contents which alone can give them rational organization and meaning.

The affective processes, which James nowhere mentions, here receive due treatment, and many minor omissions in the older textbook are filled in. The unity of all conscious processes is made a central idea in the treatment of each one. Every sentence in this volume shows the careful investigator, who has not only got results, but has also made himself so familiar with these results that apparently without effort he expresses them in words that are simple and in sentences that are clear. Technical readers will not object to this, and untechnical readers will especially appreciate it.

There is no need to note in detail the many excellent features in content and form or the few cases of questionable facts and methods of presentation. The narrator, Kotaro, and his sister Hana furnish representative Japanese types, in the portrayal of whose lives from infancy up, the reader gains a clear idea of conditions, customs and methods of Japanese education.

Wonderful have been the changes made during the second half of the last century. There has been the regeneration of Japan, feudalism has been abolished, the samurai have had their privileges curtailed There are no tortures for petty crimes. All religions are tolerated. The school children learn their lessons from Japanese translations of foreign text books.

Native literature is not neglected, but it is no longer used as a guide. Angus, Joseph. Cyclopedic handbook to the Bible: an introduction to the study of the Scriptures. In its present revised form much has been dropped from it, and much added from the gains acquired by a half-century of increasing knowledge, while the original plan, with some rearrangement, remains the same. Its two divisions, treating the Bible first as a book and next as a series of books taken separately, go into manifold details. For practical uses the old book seems likely to remain for long a favorite.

Annandale, Nelson. Faroes and Iceland. As such it has exceptional interest and value, especially since the communities selected for study are of ancient establishment, and have not, in recent years, been the subject of any analogous description. Annesley, Charles. Standard opera glass.

A new and revised edition of a useful book of reference.

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It contains sketches of the plots of famous operas, with critical and biographical notes, dates of production, etc. There are indexes of titles and names, and 26 portraits of composers. It may be put in your pocket and read at home or abroad. The author does not burden you with superfluous comment and he tells his story neatly, rapidly and without undue emphasis.

He reverences the classics, admires Wagner, and is liberal to the younger men. What more can one ask? Anthony, Gardner C. Elements of mechanical drawing. The author is professor of drawing in Tufts college and dean of the department of engineering; his textbook, first issued ten years ago as a strictly elemental work, is now revised and changed for use in evening drawing schools and technical colleges.

Antrim, Mrs. Minna Thomas Titian, pseud. Knocks—witty, wise and—. Apperson, G. Bygone London life: pictures from a vanished past. The restaurants and coffeehouses, and their frequenters, the swells and beaus and macaronies, are depicted by aid of the memoirs, letters, and society verse of that day.

The effect is much like that of a visit to one of the quaint old museums described in chapter IV. Armstrong, Sir Walter. Gainsborough and his place in English art. A biography which furnishes in nine short chapters a well-ordered analysis of the work of perhaps the greatest painter technically. An interesting chapter on the precursors of Gainsborough traces some characteristics of British art back through the seventeenth century to miniaturists of a time even before Holbein As director of the National gallery of Ireland, the author knows well how to interpret and value the ideals and success of a school of painting.

The book is interesting in itself, and of value to those who wish a better understanding of Dutch art. Sir Joshua Reynolds, first president of the Royal academy. Particularly is Sir Walter Armstrong to be congratulated for his fine sense of selection, by which he has drawn what is truthful and distinctive from the early biographies; also for his critical estimates, which have stood the most searching and eager tests of five years of criticism.

Just what happened, what mischief she did, and how it all ended, the author tells with her own arch humor Either she throws her spell over you, and then you follow with delight wherever she leads: or your temperament resists her spell, and then you take umbrage at her airs, and, in the present volume, at her ragged plot and occasional heaviness of phrase. We get the usual epigrammatic humor, not without cynicism, the usual liveliness of narration and dialogue, and, it must be confessed, the usual absurdities and exaggerations. The characters, though overdrawn, are full of interest.

Asakawa, Kanichi. Early institutional life of Japan. Then follow two chapters, one on the events leading up to the reform, the other, a particularly good one, on the political doctrine of the Chinese by which the reformers were so strongly influenced. Next comes a long chapter on the new institutions introduced under Kotoku and his successor; and lastly a short chapter sketches the subsequent development. Asakawa is first in importance of works in English upon the 11 period of which it treats.

The author is to be congratulated on having successfully accomplished a difficult piece of pioneer work. Asakawa, K. Russo-Japanese conflict: its causes and issues. The book contains portraits of the statesmen who figure in its pages and may be taken as a valuable contribution to contemporary history from the end of the war with China through the diplomatic correspondence immediately following the outbreak of hostilities. The author is lecturer on the civilization and history of East Asia at Dartmouth college.

The special and quite unusual virtue of this book is the elimination of moral standards and patriotic sentiment from the discussion of a present-day conflict. In the latter effort he is as successful as anyone could reasonably expect, his desire to quote from Russian authorities wherever they have spoken amounting to solicitude. Of the broad causes leading up to hostilities, Dr.

Asakawa tells us little not already known. But in details and the marshalling of facts he is far fuller than anyone preceding him. The book is so dispassionately written that the nationality of the author if not disclosed would hardly have been guessed. It is one of the strong points of Dr. His statement of causes leading to the war is rather political than moral. The map leaves much to be desired. Asbury, Francis. The author wrote by fits and starts, under all the difficulties of a laborious and constant itinerary, and the compiler has not improved his unpretentious jottings beyond recognition, but one may find items of antique or curious interest.

Ascham, Roger. English works of Roger Ascham: ed. The curious and readable part of this collection is in the teaching of bow shooting; the immortal part lies in the chapters on education. Ashe, Sydney Whitmore, and Keiley, J. Electric railways theoretically and practically treated. Van Nostrand. Next the component parts of the car equipment are treated in detail. There are six folding plates and text illustrations. The material is excellent, and it is well arranged for general reading and for reference.

It is undoubtedly more complete than any other concise treatment of the subject. Ashley, Percy. Modern tariff history: Germany, United States, France. It is the work of a politician and an economist, who felt the necessity of coming to a clear and unprejudiced understanding of the great problem. The tariff history of Germany is outlined from the formation of the Zollverein to the present time.

Taking it altogether the book is well worth while. It suffices to say that Mr. Ashley employs the historical method judiciously and effectively, with an evident knowledge of its limitations. Instructive as is this comparative tariff history in many other respects, it is peculiarly excellent as affording an insight into what is called neo-mercantilism, and its correlative—which might perhaps be called neo-libertarianism.

Ashley, William James. Progress of the German working classes in the last quarter of a century. A good economic monograph written in a spirit of moderation and of especial value to those who are interested in the fiscal controversy. Ashmore, Sidney Gillespie. Classics and modern training. There are other characters and other dogs, and much that is chatty and domestic. Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Frank Lin, pseud. Bell in the fog, and other stories. Ten stories which deal with both the natural and the supernatural.

They show, most of them, something of Mrs. But there is no unifying thought running through all this miscellany. Its faults are want of balance, judgment and restraint. The stories, needless to say, are told by one who can tell them well, but they are the result of introspection rather than of observation. Like Mr. Howells, Mrs. Atherton gives such imaginings the perfect touch by leaving everything vague and unexplained, and by placing them in a setting of real people and things 13 thrown upon her canvas with her own surpassing skill.

James, and professional ethics will probably seal his lips. Travelling thirds. Moulton, the reader for a publishing house, with his wife and two daughters, who have become accustomed to a literary atmosphere, and his niece, Catalina, a madcap California girl, decide to tour the continent. The story concerns the romances which they meet with and the grand passion which comes to Catalina, who finally quarrels with her relatives and is left the sole interest of the closing pages of the book.

The story derives its name from the fact that the party traveled third class thru Spain. As an invitation to travel in Spain it is persuasive and alluring. The compiler has gathered together from many sources, verses relating exclusively to athletic sports. There are no restrictions as to authorship, and the volume includes translations from Homer, Pindar and Virgil, verses by Byron, Swinburne, Emerson, Stevenson, Kipling, Whitman and many others, and several anonymous selections.

Atkinson, Edward. Facts and figures: the basis of economic science. Edward Atkinson has collected several essays on the protective tariff and the cost of war and warfare. Atkinson, Fred Washington. Philippine islands. Its information is of the encyclopaedic sort, conveyed clearly and pleasantly. About a quarter of the book is given to a brief summary of the geography and history of the islands.

The rest of the book is devoted to an account of the people and the conditions under which they live. The book is illustrated with half-tone reproductions of photographs. Profit may be drawn from both books. More specifically, however, we are compelled to admit that Dr. Atkinson is too complaisant as to present administrative tendencies. Atkinson, George Francis. College textbook of botany.

In expanding his elementary botany of into a college text, Prof. Atkinson leaves many chapters on the physiological part practically untouched, while others are thoroughly revised especially on the subjects of nutrition and digestion. One subject elaborated for the purpose of bringing it abreast of the times is morphology of fertilization in the gymnosperms and angiosperms. The treatment falls into five parts, Physiology, Morphology and life history of representative plants, Plant members in relation to environment, Vegetation in relation to environment, and Representative families of angiosperms.

The author aims to give the mere elements or grammar of the great subject of English architecture. There are chapters on Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance art, on churches, monasteries, and houses; each subject is treated historically. A conclusion deals with the French influence. There are tiny illustrations. Auchincloss, W. Book of Daniel unlocked. Garden that I love. George S.

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  • Elgood, R. But whatever their character, the pictures are most attractive. The boy on his way to begin his novitiate with the fathers of St. Mary Austin has the gift of the witchcraft of romance. Taylor, and others. It is a novelty and sure to please the motor car devotees. Avery, Elroy McKendree. History of the United States and its people. In 12 vol. Avery aims to cover the entire ground of American history from the earliest records to the present time. It is intended as a popular history, but there is supplied an abundance of bibliographical data which all students and those who wish to pursue historical investigations will find particularly useful.

    The maps, also, are more satisfactory than those which commonly appear in American works of this character. The style is easy, flowing, sometimes conversational. Graphic anecdotes or storiettes enliven the serious matter. Among the features demanding special praise the technical make-up must not be forgotten. The size is convenient, the paper excellent, the type clear and large, and there is a broad margin with notes. Some obscurities, errors, and other defects have escaped detection. Our verdict regarding Dr.

    If the succeeding volumes equal in excellence the present book, this history will be the best complete 15 history of our country yet written. Avery is fully abreast of modern scholarship. Of really serious errors in the book there are none. The great weakness of the book lies in the absence of page references. It is altogether too flowery either for a permanent classic or for a serious piece of historical work. But they could not, without rewriting his book, correct his point of view. Rarely takes the trouble to come to a conclusion of his own.

    On the whole the book is well and attractively written and is accurate as to fact. The narrative From a literary point of view, the history is eminently readable, though the style shows a tendency to ornateness. To judge then, from vol. It is certainly not dry—parts of it reading like a stirring romance. Now and then he goes perhaps a trifle too far in his impartiality. Upton letters. Simple and natural, sane and human, these reflective utterances on literary, moral, and educational themes, and on the commonplaces of daily life, have the charm that belongs to the genuine expression of a good mind and heart.

    As a whole the volume is intensely satisfactory and is one that may be read and read again by those who care to think and know how to think. This is unquestionably high. Without literary affectation, the style is that of a literary man. Bacon, Benjamin Wisner. Story of St. This book is the outgrowth of a series of university extension lectures delivered at Providence, R. It is a comparison of the accounts of the life of St. It should rather be called A study in St. Paul, for Dr. Bacon is a critic rather than a historian. Certainly his mind is analytical rather than dramatic.

    For the student who desires to get the latest information which a fearless and reverent scholarship has to give respecting our sources of information concerning Paul and his Epistles, we know of no book better than this volume of Dr. His book is, indeed, a union of constructive biography and scientific criticism. Bacon, Dolores M. Diary of a musician. Short, terse sentences that sum up a heart full of joy or anguish, characterized all thru by Bohemian irresponsibility, 16 are no more brief than were the moods of this interesting Hungarian.

    It is Marie Alexeievna. There is no superior allegiance. In very few books is the note struck at the beginning successfully kept up to the end, as here. Of its not ambitious order, the book is admirable. Bacon, Edgar Mayhew. Narragansett bay; its historic and romantic associations and picturesque setting. As the title implies, it is a collection of superficial descriptions and colonial legends woven into readable form. The volume contains many egregious lapses from fact. Bacon, Gertrude.

    Balloons, airships and flying machines. Books and pamphlets have appeared in great numbers furnishing technical details, measurements, etc. Such a book is now to be had in Mr. Baedeker, Karl. London and its environs: a handbook for travellers. The total bulk has been but slightly increased. It is almost a pity that these successive editions could not graphically record the chief changes in the general aspect of the metropolis, which of late have been as imposing as they are extensive. Northern France: handbook for travellers. Bagley, William Chandler. Educative process. A lucid exposition of the basal principles of pedagogy with illustrative matter showing the limits and methods of the application.

    Bagley is mainly concerned to teach the principles of pedagogy he has not failed in adequately illustrating the limits and methods of their rational application. The material with which Mr. Bagot had to deal was far too extensive for the space at his disposal; and on the whole he has made a wise selection. Richard Bagot has written a stirring melodrama of love and intrigue.

    He has laid on his colours with a trowel. He gives us the lovely maiden wooed by the handsome lover whose suit is forbidden by the stern stepmother. He tells of wicked priests, cynical and scheming villains, faithful servants, secret hiding-places and sliding panels—all the stock-in-trade of regulation melodrama This is a book that will certainly bear reading twice. Bagot has the secret of portraying. Here, as in former books, Mr. Bagot occasionally offends the taste of his readers quite unnecessarily.

    Peter Newell Mother Goose. There are twenty-two illustrations by Peter Newell. All in all the combination forms a most happy volume for children. Bailey, Liberty Hyde. Outlook to nature. The outlook to nature is the outlook to what is real and hearty and spontaneous. Nor is it a one-sided view of life that is presented. His greatest originality lies in the realm of analytic psychology, and his works on this subject are among the classics. In logic, he was a close follower of Mill, also his two volumes show some important advances on the Mill method.

    What is really valuable in it is overlaid by a multitude of details which can interest but few. Bain, F. Digit of the moon, and other love stories from the Hindoo. Many persons will deem his stories charming. At any rate, they are touchingly sentimental and written in extra-florid English. Bain, Robert Nisbet. First Romanovs, So far as we know, the book takes new ground in that it is less a history of war and political convulsions than of the underlying conditions—social, racial, and moral as well as political—which give shape and form to the Muscovite civilization.

    Dramatic episodes and incidents have large place in the narrative There are several portraits and maps. Nisbet Bain is too faithful a chronicler. The present volume is in many respects the best he has given us. The whole story is well and interestingly told in fluent and often pictorial English. Such a book as this is valuable as affording insight into what was really a formative period of European history. At the same time we fail to find that he brings any really new light to bear upon the subject.

    Scandinavia: a political history of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. The period from to is treated in this volume which deals with the rise, decline, and fall of Denmark, Norway and Sweden as powers. It is throughout a scholarly production. Inaccuracy rather than obscurity is the fault of the book. And he tells a good story. This failure of Mr. Bain to enter into the spirit of the time is glaringly apparent in his treatment of Christian II. On the whole his judgments of present-day men and measures are correct and well balanced.

    The style, without being impressive, is fluent and agreeable. They themselves thus remind the reader that they are very much flesh-and-blood little mortals. Their experiences at the court of Francis the First, and their travels and adventures are full of interest for the young reader. The illustrations are the clever work of Fanny Y. Baker, George P. Forms of public address. This little volume is offered by Mr. Baker as a needed supplement to the ordinary oratorical work done in colleges. It is designed for school use, and sets forth its purpose in an introduction addressed to teachers. The book consists of famous historical letters, both private and open, editorials, inaugural addresses, speeches of eulogy, commemoration, dedication, welcome and farewell, and after-dinner speeches.

    There are an appendix and explanatory notes. Baker, Henry B. Relation of preventable disease to taxation. Michigan State board of health. A pretty story of a little orphan, Mary Daingerfield, who is separated from her sister and brothers and adopted by the rich and kind-hearted Pinners. Thru her sweet unselfishness she succeeds in bringing home to them their son, Dave, and also in reuniting her orphaned family—Kit, Buz, the baby, and their faithful old black Aunty. A second revised and enlarged edition of this valuable little volume which was first published in Baker, Rev.

    Short instructions; or, Meditations on the Gospels for each day in Lent; ed. Christian press. The Gospel for the day is given; then follows a short instruction on the same, concluding with a prayer. Baker, William Henry. Baker, Wadsworth, O. More than 50 most important subjects on cement and its uses in construction are covered in this volume, which is compiled to meet the requirements of the common workman.

    Baldwin, Charles Sears, ed. American short stories. See Wampum library of American literature, v. Baldwin, Charles Sears. Girls of St. There are illustrations and a good deal of minor detail of the life of a French country house. Baldwin, Simeon Eben. American judiciary and judicial system. The nature and scope of the judicial power in the United States, and Part 2. The organization and practical working of American courts. Laymen and jurists alike will find this book interesting and helpful. Balmforth, Ramsden. Bible from the standpoint of higher criticism. Two volumes devoted respectively to the Old and New Testament, which discuss in popular and non-technical form the results of the higher criticism.

    Illustrations are drawn from the various classes of literature and periods of history. Bandelier, Fanny, tr. Journey of Cabeza de Vaca. The translator and editor have had a valuable idea in extracting from the original confused and garrulous narrative what was essential and important. Bandelier, the foremost in this line, and the translation is by his wife, whose quick intelligence and absolute familiarity with the Spanish language has enabled her to fathom many intricacies of the vague and confused record. Raffles; being the adventures of an amateur cracks-woman narrated by Bunny.

    Bangs has portrayed Mrs. Bangs, John Kendrick. Worsted man: a musical play for amateurs. Eight lonely women at a summer hotel in New Hampshire attempt to get even with Fate for not sending a single youth their way. They construct a worsted man from an afghan, stuffing it with cotton. A certain famous spring-water brings this man of wool to life, and he becomes an unmanageable flirt. Banks, Nancy Huston. Little hills. Phoebe Rowan is widowed shortly after the ceremony which joins her in a loveless marriage with the village minister.

    Howells, to write an interesting story about nothing. The various characters to which Mrs. Banks introduces us are not convincing. The central thread of the story, which binds the whole together with a strength surprising in a plot of such fragile delicacy, is imbued with a simple pathos that at times evokes an almost painful sympathy.

    Orchard princess. Bard, Emile. Chinese life in town and country. The book is concise and interesting, and contains over a dozen illustrations and a good index. The little volume is singularly free from inaccuracies. With index and illustrations, this makes one of the books on China most pleasant for reference and reading.

    Thirteen short stories for girls as well as boys. Then there are stories of flying machines, cannibal kings, and adventures in Africa, where savages pursue the finders of certain diamonds. There is a story of an ice boat, where two boys carry a bag of money fifty miles to save a bank, and of harrowing experiences in an apparently inaccessible village of the cliff dwellers. There are many others equally varied. Mental defectives; their history, treatment, and training. An interesting and practical treatment of the subject by one who has had long and successful experience in the training of the mentally deficient.

    The modern methods of sifting and classifying these children, are given in detail, and the work suitable for each class is described. It is an interesting book for everyone, but is intended primarily for teachers and parents. There are illustrations. Barr has spoken to an audience of teachers and parents, rather than to scientists. Barr, Robert. Speculations of John Steele. John Steele, the hero of this story, runs the entire gamut of financial adventure. He becomes the owner of a railroad, dabbles in wheat, loses a fortune, wins it again with the woman he loves thru a coup de force.

    Barrett, Mrs. Charlotte, ed. See Burney, Frances. Barrington, Mrs. Reminiscences of G. Conversational reminiscences of the sculptor-artist jotted down by one who was his friend and neighbor. Many interesting details are given, which reveal his character and his attitude toward his own work and the work of other artists. The book is written pleasantly, interestingly, tho without any great distinction of style—but it is only fair to add that there is no pretension to style. Barrington combines in an unusual degree the literary and artistic gift.

    The first lesson is on a block letter alphabet. Next are rules for drawing the human head and features, the hands, feet, and the human figure. The last part of the book is devoted to the well-known American illustrators and cartoonists. Barren, Leonard, , ed. Roses and how to grow them. Barry, Richard. Port Arthur: a monster heroism. Under such chapter headings as, The city of silence, A battle in a storm, Cost of taking Port Arthur, and A contemporary epic, are told the horrid things, pitiless and true, which the author saw in the East on the field and in the trenches where the little brown men fought so bravely.

    Life of Ernest Renan. Barry essays to be original he falls into blunders. Barton, George Aaron. This volume is made up of home letters written by the director of the American school of Oriental research, and it contains no dry archaeological detail, but is an account of the experiences of the author and his party, and a description of the localities visited, including Athens, Corinth, the churches of Asia, the Holy land, Alexandria, Italy, and the Alps. There are illustrations in half-tone, from views taken during the trip.

    Barton, Samuel Marx. Elements of plane surveying. It is subdivided into the following chapters: 1 Instruments, their adjustments and uses; 2 Chain surveying; 3 Compass surveying; 4 Computation of areas; 5 Transit surveying; 6 Leveling; and 7 Tables. The last pages are devoted to several useful and practical tables: a table of squares, cubes, square roots, and cube roots; of chords; stadia tables; six-place logarithms of numbers and of trigonometric functions; the natural functions to five places; and an auxiliary table for small angles.

    The author enters a plea against the insertion of six-place tables in texts on plane surveying as wasteful of time and labor. The class whose interests seem to have been consulted, in the main, is that of the strong high-school, or early college, student of mathematics who feels he would like to know for what all these years of barren formalism are supposed to prepare one, at any rate.

    Mary E. Little green door. There are separate glasses illustrated, all arranged upon the black backgrounds of sixty-seven half-tone plates There are many historical curiosities among these pieces, and of course Jacobitism in abundance. We rarely find Mr. Bate at fault. Madcap cruise. The story of a young Harvard man whose uncle refused to supply him with funds for a trip to Europe. There are many amusing and stirring adventures, such as a race with an English yacht, smuggling art treasures out of Italy, and a storm at sea.

    A thoroughly wholesome and readable book. Batten seeks to realise the actual conditions under which the Jewish prophets lived and worked. He inquires how they gained a subsistence, what they did for their countrymen, what was thought and expected of them, and whether they wrote down their utterances in advance The method of presentation is clear and simple, and the underlying principles are scholarly and safe. Battine, Cecil. Crisis of the confederacy: a history of Gettysburg and the Wilderness. The story of years of serious fighting is compressed into something less than four hundred pages.

    Then comes a chapter in which the lessons of the war are drawn in a very instructive way. There are six maps in the book, and a colored frontispiece showing the battle flags of the confederacy. Would be improved by a better index and by more references to authorities. Our readers can hardly find a more satisfactory narrative, with so much matter in so moderate a space. Battle of Maldon, and short poems from the Saxon chronicle, ed. A volume in section I.

    Notes, bibliography and glossary are provided. Bauer, G.

    Default Web Site Page

    Something clawed at his stomach, something with talons from his worst nightmares. Having been shown a priceless sword This collection of stand-alone short stories is a treat for new readers and dedicated fans alike. In each of these 17 stories, an ordinary person takes on an extraordinary journey to a new life, discovering facets and strengths they never knew they possessed.

    Across a variety of time Shortlisted for the Kobo eDunnit Award Suffolk, Rosy reluctantly agrees to be her companion on the reunion jaunt, but on In Mickey Spillane's classic private-eye novels, the action exploded in a bone-crunching catharsis. Men and women didn't make love - they collided. Tough brutes used their fists to drive home a message. Tougher broads used guile.

    And no-one's morals were loftier than the gutter. No apologi Roberta Curling has lived her whole long life in the same comfortable Edwardian house. Now, following a serious fall, her anxious grandchildren try to persuade her to move to something more manageable. And as she prepares to leave, each thing she packs brings the past vividly to life again Determined to secure another London Season without assistance from her new brother-in-law, Mary accepts a secret assignment from Lord Vaughn on behalf of the Pink Carnation: to infiltrate the ranks of the dreaded French spy, the Black Tulip, before he and his master can stage their planned Not everything is easy to discover.

    Little do they know that war will rip them apart, send B-list movie star Louise Wilde's acting career has stalled and her marriage is on shaky ground when she learns she's inherited the entire estate of screenwriter Florence Daniels, a woman she has never met. Her confusion grows when she discovers a cache of old photographs of MsDaniels And it's in French.

    London, early s. Marcia Beasley of St John's Wood is discovered dead in her home, naked and covered with a coal scuttle. Detective Sergeant Greenleaf is tasked with solving the crime and bringing meaning to her gruesome death. In the early years of the s the market town of Everham is full of rumours and counter-rumours. Dr Leigh McDowall, medical registrar, is taking a refresher course in obstetrics prior to becoming a general practitioner. He is immediately attracted to Dr Shelagh Hammond, obstetric house s In New York, a respectable architect shouldn't have any connection to the notorious gang of thieves and killers that rules the underbelly of the city.

    But when John Cross's son racks up an unfathomable gambling debt to Kent's Gent's, Cross must pay it back himself. All he has to do is Mickey Spillane said 'If the public likes you, you're good. Not just because he was good, but because he was the best. What's more, he was the first. Mickey Spillane's classic Mike Hammer detective nov Somewhat less enthusiastic is the Coun A culinary journey for ex-pats and travellers alike.

    The South African Illustrated Cookbook is a compilation of recipes dear to South Africans from all walks of life and traditions. Josie Welford desperately hopes for a fresh start. Widow to one of Britain's most wanted criminals, she begins a new venture as the licensee of the local pub in Kings Duncombe, and soon becomes a thriving member of the community.

    That is until Inspector Nick Thomas, the man who put her hus The gripping novel based on a true story of slavery Please make court understand we free men who want be free again. We want go home. We pray you to win our case. You our friend. We trust you. In , fifty-three African slaves staged a bloody mutiny on board the Amistad, a Spanish slav Through mischance and accident their stories intersect and circumstances will bring them from the bustling city of Delhi to the shores of the Andaman Islands, from glittering colonial par War is at an end, yet for Christopher Morgan his personal conflict rages on.

    It is the year and the bloodstained body of an unknown woman is found on the grounds of Sir Henry Chetwynd's Shropshire estate. A reluctant heir to the estate, Sebastian Chetwynd is already battling with divided loyalties: his ambition for a career of his own and his father's ex In the Houses of Montague and Capulet, there is only one goal: power. The boys are born to fight and die for honour and — if they survive — marry for influence and money, not love. The girls are assets, to be spent wisely.

    Their wishes are of no import. Their fates are written Southampton, Jessie is just nineteen when her father passes away and her mother decides to return to her native Ireland. It is and while England is once again at peace, it is a time of challenge. Returning soldiers are strangers to their families; women have managed to keep their families safe and fed on their own. When Rose meets Joe, a widowed airman with a young son, she gives them her friendsh Life has not turned out as Deborah had expected. But while occasionally haunted by how the Great War snatched away the love of her life, she quietly and determinedly works away at the staff agency she set up as Miss Deborah Claremont, leaving her alter ego of Lady Deborah at A deranged predator on the rampage, a man with a terrible, drug fuelled obsession, a monster who thinks he's a god.

    The discovery of a decapitated body signals the start of a living nightmare for Inspector Alison Dexter. As she struggles to co-ordinate the manhunt, Dexter is suddenly force Provence, Luc Bonet, brought up by a wealthy Jewish family in the foothills of the French Alps, finds his life shattered by the brutality of Nazi soldiers. Leaving his abandoned lavender fields behind, Luc joins the French Resistance in a quest for revenge. Paris, Lisette Fore Friday, 8th April For the attending authorities, it was an open-and-shut case of suicide. What no one knew was Cobain had been murdered.

    That April, Cobain went missing for several days, or so it seemed: in With the opening of the Great Exhibition at hand, interest is mounting in the engineering triumphs of the railways. But the gleaming modernity the railways represent does have a darker side. One filled with murder, blackmail and destruction which will take Inspector Robert Co A chronicle of the fascinating early years of Horatio Nelson and Emma Lyon. Both determined to rise from obscurity, they set about making their ways through the world with corresponding recklessness and precocious ambition.

    Nelson enters the Royal Navy at the age of twelve and is made post Hey you! After all these years? And she fell for it. And kept on falling, deeper and deeper, until there was nothing there to catch her. Except me. I picked her up and put her together. Held her together like glue that takes an age to bind England Young Parson Tobias Campion is excited and nervous to be starting at the small parish of Moreton Priory. But his first night in the village brings excitement of the wrong kind when he has to intervene in the attempted rape of housemaid Lizzie Woodman.

    Even in the normal cour Miranda Fox has devoted much of her life to caring for her elderly father. After his death, she begins to make plans for her own future — funded by the inheritance she was promised. These are the despairing words of Dr John Watson as he attempts to set down the adventures of the famous master detective Sherlock Holmes. Not only does his editor at The Strand magazine require stories of strictly no more than words and Holmes insist on complicating matters further b A new novel from a much-loved storyteller , London's East End.

    Robert Hunter is eagerly awaiting the return of his father from the war. Next door, Ruth Cooper's family arealso preparing to welcome her dad, whose ship was lost at Jutland. After five years ofeparation and anxiety - and, The family together, some good food, a perfect night.

    On a murderous collision course with this joyous yet fragile gathering, is Ben Toroa, an un One by one, her three grown-up children need h When Laura goes to visit him, she meets several of the locals, and witnesses the sudden death of one of them. A year later, Laura and Rosemary are Alice Goddard is fleeing through a rain lashed street from her violent, bullying husband Ted and fearing for her life and that of her two-year-old daughter Daisy. Running to the police station for help, she becomes involved in a road accident.

    Seriously injured, It is and Nelson is sent to the Caribbean to enforce the hated Navigation Acts. While there, he marries Fanny Nisbet but i She quickly secures a job helping to set up a museum at the sinister-looking Pendle House, now derelict and overgrown. While searching for artefacts in the attics at Pendle House, Jay stumbles ac Once upon a time there were six sisters. The pretty one, the musical one, the clever one, the helpful one, the young one. And then there was the Wild one.

    Dortchen Wild has loved Wilhelm Grimm since she was a young girl. Under the forbidding shadow of her father and the tyranny of Number Eleven, Hope Street in Cambridge is no ordinary house. Its walls are steeped in the wisdom of past residents: Virginia Woolf, Dorothy Parker and Agatha Christie to name a few Ray Sherwood has arrived in town on tour with the Jack Donovan Orchestra and plenty of bad memories.

    But in meeting two women on the same day Ray is shaken out of his stupor. One of the women, Gail, wants his help in orchestrating her avant-garde composition Swing Arou Visit the new Ethan Gage Website The third book in this pacy historical adventure series — thrills, spills and puzzles galore! Ethan Gage wants to enjoy the fruits of victory after helping Napoleon win the Battle of Marengo. There is no man or woman alive in the world who knows more than old Pickleherring about the late Mr Shakespeare.

    Carla hates everything her parents stand for. Seeking a quiet spot to write his memoirs, Laurent de Rodergues secludes himself in Saint-Chartier, a village in the heart of France. In their affluent San Francisco high school, Flannery Culp's group, the Basic Eight, are dismissed as a pretentious clique, but to Flan they are indispensable. She needs Kate, despite her incessant gossiping. She needs Gabriel, even though he has a barely requited crush on her. She needs V When, during a trip to the movie theatre, William glimpses an actress on the silver scre June, Since her father's stroke, Jean has been trying to run her parents' small farm almost single-handedly and is in desperate need of help.

    Karl, a German prisoner of war captured when the Allies invade France in , turns out to be just what she needs. He is polite, hardworking Maggie White has a problem. It's not her nightmare commute, the difficult tampon launch or the fact that her marriage is on the rocks. He's got a PR problem or, m But i Ruth Aspinall loves flying and soon becomes an accomplished pilot.

    When war breaks out and the Air Transport Auxiliary is formed she is anxious to join them. In America, brother and sister, Jack and Lucy Nelson, experienced pilots, make their way to England, also d Dedicating a monument to an eminent member of a Cambridge college should be a simple matter of course, but plans for a statue honouring Sir Percival Biggs-Brookby are far from set in stone and the committee face many obstacles to decision-making - not least among themselves.

    Despite alread After stealing one of his own forgeries from the Marquis of Gotham, Lovejoy is on the run. With the bounty hunter David Buddy hot on his trail, Lovejoy makes his way to Southampton in the hope of fleeing the country. He soon finds himself sailing away from the port in the Melissa, one of t This classic black comedy became a bestseller, praised for its succinct style and its original blend of mystery and humour, and made into a film by Alfred Hitchcock in On the outskirts of a small English town, young Arnie discovers the body of a middle-aged man in the woods.

    Three p Her skill at handling some But Slyford St James is far from the peaceful haven Jim was hoping for. Almost imm Lina Townend, the orphaned natural daughter of somebody, somewhere, has been in care all her life. But there is still something mis Through horrible physical deformities which were almost impossible to describe, he spent much of his life exhibited as a fairground freak until even nineteenth-century sensibilities could take Iris grew up in Italy with her Irish mother after the death of her wealthy American father.

    They settled in the Vi And many of them write exceedingly well. Irishman, papist, reputed coward — Markham is a man with something to prove. The death of his commander — killed by a lucky French musket ball to the throat — provides him with a chance to lead his men to glory. Markham, a foot soldier by tr As World War II breaks out, four friends consider the changes that war will mean. Only Becky's brother Will is left out of the excitement; because of a slight physical disability, he is forced New York, Three people striving to make their mark on an unforgiving city.

    Can they navigate the passions, the pitfalls and the power games as they reach for success? Cliff Nelson, a privileged New Yorker, is slumming it around Greenwich Village, enjoying the idea that he is the nex From the bestselling author of Out of Harm's Way, this utterly compelling novel blends fact and fiction, past and present to make for a tantalising read that both haunts and intrigues.

    At the age of three, Kit Philipson was abducted whilst on holiday with his family in Italy. He grew up adored by his adopted parents but as the woman he though was his mother lay dying she told him her terrible secret and gave him the name and address of his real family. Isla Novello is t Jessica is grieving for her beloved father, Jacob Kingdom, a trawler owner fondly remembered by his crew. But a confrontation with her mother leads to Jessica being cast out from the family home and the reveal of a shameful secret.

    Paul Nash is an accountant. Having testified against the Mob bosses for whom he has laundered money, he is placed in the Witness Relocation Program. Stripped of his identity, with a false name and a false life, Paul grows restless. Unable to settle in any one place, he drifts - from rural And then there were eight… Understandably, Lord Burford had some misgivings about hosting another house party at Alderley, his beautiful country mansion.

    After all, the previous two could at best be described as disastrous, since a couple of their guests were unceremoniously bump Talented eighteen-year-old dancer Bonny Burton joins the chorus at Southampton's Palace of Varieties and becomes fast friends with gifted choreographer Rob Andrews. When the pair are spotted by a talent scout, they are contracted to appear in the West End. Soon, Bonny becomes the dar Th e perfect gift for any angler who appreciates the primitive thrill of hunting wild creatures, the hours spent studying minute aquatic flies, and the art of manipulating his tackle.

    Norman Thelwell was a keen observer of the foibles of the British at work and play. He is best known for h With his fiery Irish blood and well-known reputation for trouble, Lieutenant George Markham leads his embattled Royal Marines against the French in Corsica. His mission: to seize the island. His problem: not just the French, but spies, traitors, and jealous rivals — including jealous This stunning novel from the acclaimed author of Young Bess breathes new life into the little-known story of the great love of Mary, Queen of Scots.

    The young and trusting Mary, Queen of Scots, is sailing home to her kingdom after years in exile. The danger from her cousin, the English Qu Madeline O'Shea tells people what to do with their lives. A renowned life coach, she inspires thousands of women through her thriving practice-exuding enviable confidence along with her stylish suits and sleek hair. But her confidence, just like her fashionable demeanor, is all a front. England has finally emerged from the terrors of the Great War and yet the n Deliberately unpublished to protect the names o Architect Lucien Bernard accepts a commission that will bring him huge wealth — and maybe a death sentence.

    He has to design a secret hidi In , Star Wars burst onto our screens and quickly became the cultural phenomenon for an entire generation. Today, as audiences tremble in anticipation for each new episode in the saga, Star Wars is still a major cinematic event. The children who watched in have today grown up to b Caffy's a tough but vulnerable young woman, feisty as they come. She works for Paula's Pots, an all-women team of decorators. When one day she sees through a window what all people in their profession dread - a dead body - the lives of the Pots are changed forever.

    September, Eighteen-year-old Daisy Gilbert is the star seamstress at Mrs Evans' prestigious gown shop in Southampton. Hard-working and well-liked by customers, she has also started to take on a few private clients to supplement her family's meagre finances. Daisy's ambition, ultimate The perfect gift for any golfer who has experienced the horrors of sporting the wrong attire on course, losing his ball, or been wronged by unforgivable gamesmanship.

    He is best known for his small, round a The revolution is turning in on itself — Robespierre has met the guillotine — but still the French fight on. After completing the siege of a French fortress in Corsica, Markh It is and in the quiet village of Felpham hearts are stirring and passions are rising. At Turret House, the elegant estate of celebrated poet William Hayley Esquire, there is much excitement at the arrival of another poet and engraver, William Blake, to the village.

    But yo When her mother leaves Liverpool for a new life in Cardiff, Rita Taylor has little choice but to go and live with the aunt she never knew she had. Grudgingly Margaret Sinclair, the local Pawnbroker, agrees to look after her wayward niece. Despite an initial battle of wills the two soon bec Norfolk Their eldest daughter Elizabeth is expected home any day from France when an accident detains her with the war rumbling ever closer.

    Her sister Amy has returned from finishing school full o In the spring of three generations are living relatively normal lives in Poland, despite the hardships Jews face. When war breaks out and the family is cast to the wind, the five Kurc siblings do everything they can to find A suspicious funeral, a fatal encounter at a garden centre of all places, and a country walk marred by the discovery of a hidden corpse, are just some of the Old school friend and antiques dealer Bill Franklin is bemused by Harrington's death, wondering if his shady past is to blame.

    When a Bringing together three of Colin McInnes' finest works, this exciting omnibus explores a very different side of London life in the s than is usually portrayed. His characters are colourful and real, painting vivid pictures of areas such as Brixton and Notting Hill at this time. The sto The perfect gift for any sailor who has misinterpreted a distress signal, worn stilettos on board, abandoned ship, or experienced irreparable damage to their social status at the club.

    He is best known for The rusty tub that is to take them across the sea does not inspire confidence and, more worryingly, neither does the The original novel of the classic cult film starring Sir Michael Caine. Doncaster train station, and Jack Carter is heading home for a funeral - his brother Frank's. Frank had been found dead and drunk in his car at the bottom of a cliff. Now, Frank was a mild, sober man, so why did he la Margaret Irwin beautifully recreates the life of the vivacious Princess Elizabeth, the girl who will one day be Queen.

    After years abroad, Robert, Duke of Dovedale, has returned to England to avenge the murder of his mentor. To uncover the murderer's identity, he must infiltrate the infamous, secret Hellfire Club. But the Duke has no idea that an even more difficult challenge awaits him — in a romant In nine short stories, seven of which have never previously been available in print, and one brand new, never-before-seen Sherlock Holmes mystery — available together for the first time — Laurie R.

    King blends her long-running brand of crime fiction with historical treats and n From the deserts of North Africa, to the waters of Scotland, the Second World War touches the lives of two women from two very different worlds. The life of luxury and st Verity Grey is thrilled by the challenge of uncovering an ancient Roman campsite in a small Scottish village. But as soon as she arrives, she can sense danger in the air. The twins were Diana and Christine who, with their elder sister, Josephine, wrote more than books, which have sold in their millions around the world.

    Fifty years after the London is facing the full wrath of the blitz and amid the chaos Sheila Phipps is orphaned after a devastating air raid claims her family and her home. She is evacuated to Bletchley to live with her aunt Constance, where she forms a The brother — the Revd Francis Oughterard — has had the misfortune to murder one of his parishioners, and aided and abetted The perfect gift for any gardener who has experienced overbearing neighbours, the pains of building a water feature, unruly indoor plants, and the battle to dig the lawnmower out from the shed.

    He is best k Six months earlier, her predecessor, Heidi Faro was brutally murdered by one of the inmates in the office she has now inherited. As Claire is Life at Charnley is blessed for the Jardine children, Harriet, Vita and Daisy, who live in an idyllic Edwardian country manor with their loving parents, Beatrice and Amory. But one night, after a party celebrating their mother's birthday, their dreams of a propitious future suddenly come c A widow with three hands slips out of a church door.

    A farmer lies dead in a barn, his son accused of his murder. A skeleton with a silver locket is unearthed in a back garden. What do they have in com She is taken to live with him in a village in industrial Lancashire, where a few days after her arrival, a num Caught up in a sea of desperate refugees, her lif Everything you ever wanted to know about sexual oddities from around the world — and through history — can be found in this witty and engaging volume.

    Read about the antics of the Egyptian Pharoah who was a serial castrator his collection totaling over 13, ; about the an They spend a happy few hours together, but at the end of the afternoon, she must retu The first sweet memory. Sometimes her laughter bursts into my head or I hear her call me — my name full and round in her mouth.

    Frustratingly though, as with all the memories I have of Mme, her face always blurs under the p After the much-loved Calleshire business man, Derek Tridgell, seems to cry foul murder with his last breath, Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby are sent to investigate.

    Clearly there has been a death, that of Mr Tridgell, but the pressing question is — have A captivating tale of intrigue, lust, power and mystery about the great King Charles VII of France and the women who inspired and loved him - women closely linked to the Knights Templar and The Priory of Sion and who played a key part in history, shaping the destiny of men Growing up in the small seaside town of Cowes, free-spirited Eveline Stanhope feels trapped by the weight of expectation from her well-to-do family.

    Her mother and two elder sisters would rather she focus her Something is amiss at a small primary school in the village of Horton. A local man, Joshua Baldwin, has been sitting in his car outside the school watching the children as they play. So DI Joanna Piercy is called out to investigate. She meets with the teachers and with Baldwin and eventual Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn is back in another mystery from America's legendary crime writer Tony Hillerman.

    Since his retirement from the Navajo Tribal Police, Joe Leaphorn has occasionally been enticed to return to work by his former colleagues, who seek his help in solving a particularly p While she is at work Dora looks after her brother, twelve-year-old Tom, and little Lilly. Their mother is alw A seashell and a sealed letter form a tenuous connection to a forbidden wartime romance At the heart of the town is the Royal Navy port, and Louise Ahrendts, daughter of a shipb North Camp, a growing Hampshire village, has been briefly energised by the cessation of the Great War and the years of peace that followed.

    Now, however, with the beginning of the Second World War, the lives of the inhabitants are plunged once more into chaos. Tom Munday, carpenter of t Cormac, born and brought up in Belfast, living now in Edinburgh with his wife and children, is an art teacher, an admirer of Rodin and a sculptor himself. When he tries to transmit his enthusiasm for Rodin to his students he finds his words tend to fall on stony ground, except when it come Philip, Prince of Spain, the unwilling bridegroom of Queen Mary, has be Jude is the owner of a unique antiques shop in Cambridge.

    She makes it her mission to match cusomers with the special something that they are missing, a talisman to bring them what their heart desires. Over the years, the residents of Shrewsbury have become used to the occasional flood — living close to the River Severn, it comes as no surprise.

    But the latest deluge stirs up more than just mud and silt, and the locals are horrified by what comes floating to the surface… Co Gertrude Melrose is preparing for a New Year party when her brother enters her room. She knows he wants money from her and refuses at once. She loves her brother but he is in with a disreputable crowd and losing heavily at the gaming tables. He has alre On Easter Day, the Reverend Tobias Campion returns from morning service and discovers a putrefying corpse nailed to a tree.

    Although they are unable to identify the victim, Tobias and his old frien Born into service, sixteen-year-old Juliet Harper has always idolised her mother, Agnes. But Agnes is haunted by what could have been, and the glamorous life she might have lived if she stayed in Manchester rather than settling down in the Lancashire moorland with her husband.

    Life takes He ships home on a small brig but when it founders on rocks off the coast of Cornwall and he narrowly escapes with his life, it's clear to him that the ship had been deliberately wrecke To wit, the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Purple Gentian and the Pink Carnation, that dashing trio of spies who kept Napoleon in a froth of rage and the feminine population of England in another sort of froth entire Visit the new Ethan Gage Website Last seen in Napoleon's Pyramids, fleeing the forces of evil in a runaway hot-air balloon over Egypt, Ethan Gage undergoes further life-threatening adventures in this rollicking sequel.

    Nine months before the balloon incident, Gage arrived in the Holy Manchester, Carrie Jenkins reels from the revelation that her beloved father was shot for desertion during the Great War, not tragically killed in heroic action as she had previously been led to believe. Sirens warn of danger as German bomber planes approach the city. Ever cautious, Kathy and her mother head immediately for the nearest public air raid shelter but are separated in the desperate scramble to safety. When the building is destroyed in a direct hit, it is a miracle The delightful trio of country-house mysteries now brought together in one beautiful omnibus edition.

    Harking back to the golden age of the English detective story, these mysteries are a charming, quirky blend of Agatha Christie and PG Wodehouse. The trilogy includes: The Affair of the Bl The word-of-mouth sensation that has captivated readers across the globe. Over a million copies sold worldwide.

    Over 2 years on the New York Times Bestseller. Translated into 30 languages. The old Seattle When flirtatious golfing beginner Helen Sewell, goes in search for her wayward golf ball in the dreaded 'Hells Bells' bunker, she is not prepared for the horrible surprise that lies buried under the soft sand. When a body is discovered by two lady golfers buried in the steepest bunker Parker is a master thief, and a man with a heart of steel. He believes in the oldest law of all — a life for a life. When Chrissie Kemp arrives to visit her grandmother Georgia, she is not prepared for the shocking revelation which will throw her family into turmoil.

    Chrissie is at first enthralled as her grandmother recounts her youth in San Francisco, including the moment she Escaping to America from the turmoil of her life back in Edinburgh, DI Jim Meldrum's daughter, Betty, is swept off her feet by a handsome man from back home. A whirlwind romance quickly culminates in marriage. But what are the secrets he is hiding? Handsome and rich, but still a mystery, h A mischievously clever collection of twenty-two short stories from the pen of classic crime author Catherine Aird. The much-loved police duo Detective Inspector Christopher Sloan and Detective Constable William Crosby encounter a host of new characters and thrilling plots.

    Full of riveting While Amy is unable to accompany her mother, Rosy Gilchrist is strong-armed into another visit. On the set of The Suf Charles Dickens should be looking forward to Christmas. But when his latest book, Martin Chuzzlewit, is a flop, his publishers give him an ultimatum. Either he writes a Christmas book in a month or they will call in his debts and he could lose everything. Dickens has no choice but to grudg One spring afternoon, a young neo-Nazi named Vincent Nolan walks into the Manhattan office of the World Brotherhood Watch, a human rights foundation headed by a charismatic Holocaust survivor, Meyer Maslow.

    Vincent announces that he wants to make a radical change in his life. His mission? The three men got out of the car and paused to read the graffiti. Inspector Giles kicked some broken glass from the steps. Spring, Working on an aeroplane production line, Hildy believes she is doing her part for the war effort. But troubles at home make it hard for her to find happiness and independence.

    Meanwhile, Cora is still reeling from the devastating loss of both her parents in the B They have never met, and have no idea why they have been invited. From her surgery window Dr Megan Banesto watches as the body of Bianca Rhys is dragged from the local pond - a paranoid schizophrenic famed for her outrageous claims and stories , her death doesn't come as a surprise to the local community. Soon after, when a ten year old child goes missi Saudi Arabia, Troops stationed at the Dhahran airbase are in a state of high alert.

    The chemical warfare detectors have sounded and the soldiers scramble to put on their protective suits. They sit in tense silence, reminding themselves of the vaccinations which will protect them from Indisputably, Saturday night is the happiest night of the week. Most of us have fond memories of sitting on the floor in front of the telly with our parents and siblings crowding out the sofa behind us. Dad is making half-hearted derisory remarks at the presenter on the telly screen, and Norfolk, Barbara Bosgrove has lived in the market town of Melsham all her life, and is looking forward to the annual Harvest Supper dinner and ball — the first since the dark days of the First World War.

    George Kennett, a fiercely ambitious man, has had his eye on Ba Book of the Month! Luc and Lisette Ravens — a former French resistance fighter and one-time British spy — have somehow survived the war, but recovering from the horrors The Coldstream Guards and the third guards are waiting impatiently for orders to move into battle against Napoleon and his French army.

    Every day seems endless as the troops wait for Wellington's orders. When word is finally received, the path to glory it is not quite what th Stella had only turned away for a moment when her baby vanished. In his newest case Inspector Ghote finds himself working outside of the police force, as he becomes involved in tracking the brutal killer of a lowly peon, one of the underclass in Bombay society.

    Morganville is a small town filled with unusual characters — when the sun goes down, the bad come out. In Morganville, there is an evil that lurks Eight years ago, the national tabloids had a feeding frenzy over the 'Primal Cut' killings. The Garrod brothers, East End butchers, had turned their expertise to rendering human flesh. The case made DS Alison Dexter notorious. She identified the murderers and ended their orgy of killing, March, Young Breda Hanney is on the brink of becoming a married woman; she is about to tie the knot with her childhood sweetheart, Warren Pascoe, in the small Cornish village of Penbole.

    But in wartime Britain, all young, able-bodied men are needed to fight for king and country, and A Hildegard of Meaux novel. A riveting medieval mystery. Summer, The sun is hot and high, promising a fine harvest - but storm-clouds of insurrection are gathering over England. Lollard heretics, driven from their base at Oxford by the iron fist of the Archbishop Courtenay, no The infamous Sherlock Holmes, now in his retirement, has turned his attention to his beekeeping hobby.

    But when a shadowy figure is seen walking below the cliffs one night, Holmes cannot resist the temptation of solving one more mystery. He summons his old flatmate and confidante Dr Watson Sent to the workhouse as a child, all Ella Hathaway can remember is a voice whispering, 'Dearie, promise me you will never forget what you saw.

    Your Ma was killed deliberate Secret documents belonging to Dr John Watson have remained undisclosed in a safe at his bank in Charing Cross for years until now. County Armagh, Married to the local blacksmith, young Sarah Hamilton spends her days looking after John and his apprentices at the forge, and her happiness is strengthened by the steady love of her husband and the beautiful green landscape of her home on Drumilly Hill. But when trage Attractive, intelligent Mary Maitland is furious to learn that her pompous boss will never promote her, simply because she is a woman.

    Despite financial support from her family, Mary is determined to strike out on her own and earn a living. Lawyer-turned-writer Nic Gabriel is stunned when womanising Dylan Rees, his host at a champagne reception at the Houses of Parliament, is knifed by an ex-girlfriend and bleeds to death in front of him.

    Awoken in the middle of the night by a banging barn door, farm manager Ned Barton braves the storm to investigate. Inside, he finds the mutilated body of a woman displayed like a sacrificial trophy on bales of straw. Superintendent Mike Yeadings of the Thames Valley police is fac St Ives, Cornwall. A tranquil hideaway, home to generations of writers and painters. So when glamorous newcomer Clarissa Trelawny is murdered, the shockwaves resonate through the community.

    Who was she? Where did she come from? Who would want to kill her? And is her murder connected to the It's morning service in a quiet village church. Josie Welford is day-dreaming during Father Tim Martin's sermon. Suddenly the peace is shattered when a filthy Chinese youth flings himself into the church and demands sanctuary. Should the Church accede to the request for prot A unique mix of the comical, and the touchingly humane, this brilliantly perceptive novel sees a group of parents, trapped in middle-class stability, dealing with marriage, kids and their suburban life in very different ways..

    There's Mary Ann, a super-mom who is already preparing her He leaves his famil Fourteenth-century Italy: a country in upheaval as desperate cities struggle against both each other and venal Papal rule. Unable to rely on their own citizens to fight their battles, cities and Popes are forced to pay vast amounts of money to mercenary captains to fight on their behalf. Having barely escaped with her life, she vows to survive at all costs … Years later, amidst the winding streets and majestic fa Is it just the wild ramblings of a crazed fan, or could there really be Whether the setting for these stories is in Korea, Argentina, Slovenia, India, Japan or England, whether the characters are young or old, poor or rich, educated or uneducated, happy or unhappy, King is a writer whose eye and ear are always alert and whose hand at the shutter never falters To the delight of her parents, Violet Prideaux is set to marry local squire Weston Penruth, until an incident during their engagement party sees her leaving behind her friends and family and fleeing to London.

    There she meets artist Jack Fairling, and it is not long before they have It is and the beautiful village of Yegen, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, awakens to a new year and two events that are to change the pueblo for ever: the birth of Encarnita, a beautiful dark-eyed girl; and the arrival of the British writer Gerald Brenan and his string of artis Disney has "Mickey Mouse".

    Lamaar Studios has "Rambunctious Rabbit" When the actor wearing the costume of the cherished mascot is murdered at Lamaar Studio's theme park Familyland, the executives are anxious to protect Nothing goes right for Eloise. The one day she wears her new suede boots, it rains cats and dogs. In fact, after she real A riveting first-hand account of life working in the grand country houses of the last century.

    Starting as a kitchen maid in South Kensington, she soon rose through t You know when you can have one those days at the office? You spill coffee on your keyboard, the finance director goes on an expenses rampage and then, before you know it, your favourite author is murdered. When Samantha Clair decides to publi Midnight B DI Owen Sheen vowed never to return to Ireland, but he needs answers to the questions he has surrounding his brother's death. Set in London during the Blitz, in occupied France and amid the rolling Chiltern hills of Buckinghamshire, this is the story of two cousins who, as squabbling rivals, are thrown together by the outbreak of war.

    Nell and Sylvie grow up quickly during the early days of rationing, black-o Born in Paris , a precocious and tough Freya Stark spent her childhood wondering across Europe, speaking three languages by the time she was five. Renowned for her flamboyant and unorthodox b The nation listens.

    A woman finds her voice. Maisie Musgrave is thrilled to land a job at the fledgling British Broadcasting Corporation whose new and electrifying radio network is captivating the nation. Famous writers, scientists, politicians — the BBC Molly Peel feels trapped by her family: her ex-husband Craig cannot seem to abandon his controlling ways despite abandoning her for a younger woman, her lazy son Brian has long been taking advantage of her generosity, and her selfish daughter Rachel is embarrassed by her.

    When she is Dean McAdam, a witty and streetwise teenager, is recovering from an horrific car crash which killed his mother, pitched his sister into a permanent vegetative state, and left him paralysed from the waist down. Dean nurtures a fierce ambition to become a microbiologist; to this end he conve The body of a prostitute is found at Glasgow's Queen Street Station, her hands, pointing towards her feet, placed as if in prayer, a small flower pressed between the palms. Psychologist Solomon Brightman is called to assist DCI Lorimer in the murder hunt, with the hope that his lateral thi November Russia may have survived the Revolution, but a brutal civil war still rages.

    Families flee as the threat draws ever closer.

    New from Harlequin

    When tragedy strikes, four-year-old L Identical twins Lester and Lillia Holdsworth are destined for the stage. Lester is a brilliant pianist; Lillia a magnificent opera singer. But their cruel father has other ideas for their future. Jesse Robinson wakes from his nightmare to find dirty, fitful life in a Harlem slum. Kriss wakes up alone, divorced, disillusioned, in her plush Manhattan apartment. They have nothing in common: just an amazing, passionate weekend seven years ago in Chicago and a desire to meet again.

    She gives birth to twins, a boy and a girl, whom her mother heartlessly wrenches from her. And wh Only Scott can keep the vengeful ghost from completing his unholy ritual. Thirty years ago, Scott's grandfather slaughtered his best friend, then committed suicide. Now the spirit of the murdered man has returned, seeking the ancient volume that can return him to life - f Southampton Phoebe Collins rose to the challenge of running the family fruit and veg stall when her father did not return from the front.

    He may be a giant but giants have been licked before. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Eddie Lewis, former student of Princeton and would-be playwright, never expected to make his living writing lies. But that's precisely what he does to pay his ren Belgium, At a military hospital in Poperinge, close to the horrors of the front line, Sister Helen Chalmers strives tirelessly to save the many injured soldiers brought in from battle. The hardships of war and the need for comfort throws Helen into the arms of the eminent surgeon Cap Outside the oppressive confines of life in Some Weather Wardens control fire, others control earth, water, or wind — and the most powerful can control more than one element.

    Without Wardens, Mother N Hildegard of Meaux — A Cistercian Abbess with a keen instinct for crime solving — is accompanying the archbishop of York to London for the opening of parliament amid much civic unrest. After losing her beloved family in the Great War, Nell is grateful to marry Stan Hibbert, believing that with him she can recapture the loving family feeling she has lost.

    Five years on, she is just another back-street housewife, making every penny do the work of tuppence and performing mi For fans of the golden age of the English detective story, this is a charming and quirky blend of Agatha Christie, PG Wodehouse and Gosford Park - an affectionate tribute to the classic country-house mysteries of the inter-war years. It is the s, and a house party is taking place at A Uprooted and forced to start her life again, Louise finds herself acting as both mother and teacher to the group of an Excited and in love Gracie Brown leaves her home in England and moves to America with her husband Jeff.

    Thomas Chayne has never managed to impress his overbearing father, and when a small act of rebellion has lasting consequences, Thomas finds himself exiled in disgrace. But with England on the brink of civil war, a larger revolution is in the air and Thomas has an opportunity to prove The war is raging across Europe and twenty-three-year-old Grace is devastated by the loss of her husband, Brian, at Dunkirk after only a year of marriage. Her secretary job at a law firm keeps her mind from dwelling on her sorrow but when her boss, James, enlists in the air Meeting in the ashes of a London ravaged by the Great Fire, Christopher Redmayne, an architect with Cavalier instincts, and Jonathan Bale, a Puritan constable, are hardly kindred spirits.

    Redmayne dedicates himself to rebuilding the city that Bale believes was destroyed by its own inner co Harry Lytle has just discovered he has a young cousin, Anne Giles. With some robust assistance from David Dowling, a resourceful, impressively well-built, Rose Trevelyan had only met Gabrielle Milton once, but felt they might become good friends. After rising to prominence for his role investigating the case of Jack the Ripper alongsie the formidable Inspector Abberline, Daniel Wilson has retired from the force and now works as a private enquiry agent. Having built a reputation for intelligence and integrity, Wilson is the natural The first book in the acclaimed series set in the Cotswold area Nestled in the fertile hills of the Cotswolds, the village of Duntisbourne Abbots is a well-kept secret: beautiful, timeless and quintessentially English.

    When recently widowed Thea Osborne arrives to house-sit for a local co And whether it is extracting information from the wife of a French general or leading his soldiers in a Forlorn Hope, Rawson proves hims The first book in the best-selling Caper Court series Of the two pupil barristers in the prestigious chambers at 5 Caper Court, only one can win the coveted place of junior tenant at the end of the year. Penniless Anthony Cross is brilliant, but up against Edward Choke - wealthy, good-nat In the bleak snowbound landscape of the Cambridgeshire Fens, a car is winched from a frozen river.

    Later, high on Ely Cathedral, a second body is found - the decaying corpse has been there more than thirty years. When forensic evidence links both v The Top Ten Besteller With barbarians at the gate and enemies within, two men must fight for the soul of the Republic and the greatest empire in the world.