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Wolves, reintroduced in Yellowstone and elsewhere in Idaho in the late s, are a common victim in the West. While the federal reintroduction enjoys wide public support, animosity runs high in rural regions of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana because wolves threaten livestock and kill elk coveted by hunters. When the meatballs arrive at the crime lab in March , chemist Mark Kirms goes to work on the poison, which resembles buckshot.

He identifies it as Temik--a pesticide used on potatoes and other crops. Though deemed safe for agricultural use because it breaks down in soil, Temik generic name aldicarb can cause convulsions and death when ingested in large quantities. Down the hall in the genetics section, forensic scientist Bob Hoesch analyzes the proteins in the meat, which he identifies as elk.

The evidence points to one primary suspect: Tim Sundles, an elk hunter and outspoken critic of wolf reintroduction. His Web site later taken offline details how to kill wolves with poisoned meatballs.

The agents ask around, and a local mentions seeing a white pickup at the Wagonhammer Creek trailhead on Feb. Sundles owns a white Dodge. Latham interviews a meat cutter, who says he processed elk burger for Sundles. In an earlier incident, Sundles, an ammunition maker, told a biologist that he wouldn't hesitate to shoot any federal officer who tried to stop him from killing wolves. Fearing an armed confrontation, Bragonier and Latham wait until he is out of town to serve a search warrant. On March 20, a team of state and federal agents raid his Carmen home.

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At the moment when conservation biologists are sounding alarm calls about the loss of top carnivores, few decision makers stand up for them. Contact your Congressman, your Governor, your wildlife management agency, and take actions to protect native carnivores today. Conservation Biology, Mitchell, B. Jaeger, and R.

One to the Wolves: On the Trail of a Killer

Barrett, Coyote depredation management: current methods and research needs. Wildlife Society Bulletin, Samantha is a California native who fell in love with Colorado, relocating to the state in Previously the Executive Director of the Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce, Samantha founded their in-house nonprofit Outstanding Grand Lake Foundation, which focuses on sustainable travel and water conservation. Focusing much of her career highlighting the economic impact of conservation, she connects the need for wildlife management reform to research on ethics, efficacy and government expenditures.

Samantha lives in Grand Lake with her family, where she enjoys rural living with ample access to the outdoors. Daniel Timmons joined WildEarth Guardians as a staff attorney in , where his work focuses on halting fossil fuel development on public lands and protecting the imperiled wild rivers of the Southwest. Prior to joining Guardians, Daniel was as an associate attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center in Charleston, South Carolina, and he previously worked in private environmental law practice in Portland, Oregon.

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He is licensed to practice law in Oregon, Washington, and South Carolina inactive. Daniel lives in Santa Fe with his wife, where he enjoys hiking, cross-country skiing, and exploring the ever-inspiring American West. Galen Hecht grew up in New Mexico and Colorado where he cultivated his affinity for wild lands, life, and water. After graduating, he spent a year as a Watson Fellow studying the relationships between people and rivers in Asia, Scandinavia, and South America.

His education and experience on international rivers guided his passion to work for social and environmental justice.


Now with the Wild Rivers Program, he works on a campaign to support the Rio Grande and keep the watery heart of the Southwest a living river. Historical Archive for Reference Only. Livestock killed by native carnivores Livestock losses. This is far more sustainable and ethical than the never-ending lethal methods. Non-predator cattle losses totaled nearly four million cattle. Bibliography: 1. As a senior in high school, she won Seventeen magazine's annual short-story contest.

THE INSIDE STORY; Wolves at Westgate [The news behind the news of 2013 terror attack in Westgate]

She continued to write for magazines after getting married and having children. That first title was published in After her first marriage ended in divorce, she wrote freelance magazine articles and taught in the journalism department at the University of New Mexico. After she married for the second time, she started writing books again.

Her best-known non-fiction book, Who Killed My Daughter? Her works have earned her several awards including three Parents' Choice awards, the Margaret A. She died on June 15, at the age of Lois Duncan. In , Lois Duncan, acclaimed author of fictional suspense novels, wrote a horror story she could never have imagined writing - a true account of the murder of her own daughter, Kaitlyn Arquette.