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There are a few unique blends available like lycra with a matte area of surface with a smooth experience. Lycra Spandex unisex suit is fundamentally a catsuit, which is tight fitting and covering the entire body and the face.

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These suits are made up of material that is stretchy and is of lycra zentai. The skintight fit and the shiny look of the catsuit is like a layer of second skin on your body. The catlike zentai suit gives a sense of erotic pleasure to the wearer and shows his or her natural sensual appeal. These suits are used in the movie industry for pleasure between man and woman. Women looking to live their wildest fancy make use of these zentai suits.

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  4. These zentai bodysuits help them become invisible to the interested watchers as it covers their whole body with the attached hood, gloves part and the feet part. The skintight fit of these zentai bodysuits is like a second layer of skin. Women get a sense of erotic pleasure after wearing the suits and the suits also allows them to show their wild beauty and feel a lot more attractive. The lycra spandex unisex zentai suits are also fashionable with men. They get the feel of a hero by wearing these suits.

    A wide range of zentai bodysuits of superhero styles, animal pattern, camouflage style, etc.

    Japanese Folks Are Wearing Full-Body Spandex Suits to Feel Happier

    Most famous unisex zentai suit with men is the camouflage suit as it fulfills their military dreams. The spandex full bodysuits is just the right stuff to spice up your life. You can find many online sellers, but only a few provide quality stuff at a decent price. But I stopped, thinking maybe I was doing something weird.

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    While the hobby is a long way from being mainstream in Japan, a country with an unsurpassed ability to dream up slightly off-the-wall pastimes, it makes occasional appearances in popular culture. Among the most prominent was a movie of comedy vignettes that each focused on common but crushingly awkward social situations that were resolved through a conversion to zentai wearing. In one, a recipe-blogging housewife who is a victim of bullying by a group of homemakers gives up the fight against the overbearing leader and finds liberation in a circle of zentai lovers.

    The Weirdest JAPANESE OBSESSIONS (You Won’t Believe)

    While some might have good deeds on their minds as they slip inside their suits, others acknowledge there is something sexual about the practice. In zentai , it is a completely different sensation from straight sex. Source: Department of Environment, Malaysia.