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LinkedIn invitations are the new business handshake. First, it was letters. With the majority of our work taking place in the virtual world, emails and messaging have become the defacto way to communicate in the workplace. Our personal lives are filled with dynamic forms of communication.

The Way We Were

Relying on an impersonal form of communication such as email is a reflection of a bigger problem in corporate culture. Change is often perceived as a threat to the established norms, instead of a way to facilitate progress. Just like in our personal lives, our workplace needs to be constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. However, the shift is taking longer than it should, and as a result, employees are demotivated by antiquated corporate culture and longing for a change.

How many children in orphanages have a living parent?

We can even find examples of this in science fiction. Finn belonged to a faceless army, where everyone dressed the same, followed orders without question or choice , and was reduced to a number. There was no room for individuality, personal expression, or change.

Way We Were

No wonder he chose a more authentic existence, far, far away from the Empire. Like Finn, employees are at their happiest when they can be helpful to their peers and do their best work without sacrificing their individuality. The movement to reclaim this freedom and fulfillment in the workplace is taking off. Join the Rebels.

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When two-thirds of our waking lives is spent working, it is crucial that we do so in a meaningful way. The new generation of workers are Finns, not stormtroopers.

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Ensuring that workers remain engaged during their career is not an exact science. However, we do know that employee engagement is the cornerstone of a healthy company, while failing to promote that engagement will negatively impact your team and eventually hurt the business. There next to us, on date night, was a couple and a smartphone, distracting one person's attention from the other.

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And trust, as a husband and wife team, we took note. That note along with some other insights became the Blokket, a phone-size pocket made from radio signal blocking material.

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As much about the conscious gesture of giving one's attention as it is about cool materials and technology, the Blokket exemplifies what we're capable of when research, insights, and notes are part of our everyday lives. Blokket—the signal blocking pocket that holds your phone and gives your attention to those you love, or to the task at hand.

It's easy to overlook the world the way a fish might overlook water.

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But, designing with a better world in mind isn't only a good thing to do, it can be good for business too. Take Susty Party for instance, champions of partying hard and saving the earth harder by developing sustainable partyware and running a socially proactive business. Our packaging design, photography, and website refresh helped them up their game, just in time for their appearance on ABC's Shark Tank.

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  • We naturally incorporate earth-friendliness into every project we put our minds to. Our new intern, okay fine—our new baby, Esther gives us even more reason work toward a better future. Susty Party—purveyor of sustainable partyware was booked for ABC's Shark Tank and needed packaging design, product photography, and a refreshed website—In four weeks. Ingrid studied product design at Parsons School of Design; her former career as a professional ballerina instilled a love for experience and ritual.